After a week in which he brushed off tone-deaf comments by Greg Hardy, Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones was taking a different approach Sunday.

Last week Hardy, who was playing Sunday for the first time since serving a four-game in a domestic violence incident allegedly involving guns and threats against his ex-girlfriend, made tone-deaf comments, promising to come out with “guns blazing” and making comments about Tom Brady’s wife Gisele Bundchen. In an interview Sunday with CBS’ Bill Cowher, Jones was suddenly Mr. Sensitivity after saying last week that he hoped Hardy did come out with “guns a-blazin’.”

“[H]is statements of the past week reflected in some peoples mind, a lack of contriteness, a lack of caring,” Jones said. “We take it seriously. Those are complicated problems. People are saying, ‘Well, you’re bringing Hardy on the team is a way of condoning domestic violence.’ I have a complete sensitivity toward domestic violence. It’s been a real, a real lifetime challenge for him. I know that he needs us. He’s our teammate.”

While Jones was explaining himself, Terry Bradshaw was ripping the NFL for allowing Hardy to play on the Fox network.

“Anybody, in my opinion, that lays a hand on a woman — I don’t care who you are, my friend — you never come back in this league. But Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones in his desperation to get a pass rusher said, ‘Well, you know what America, Cowboys fans, he’s all right. He’s a good boy. We’re going to get him all straightened out over here and bring him in.’ Which he did. He has his first news conference, he makes a fool of himself….This is wrong. We have no place for this. I’m actually tired of talking about the Hardys of the world, and I really, really, seriously hope that eventually we never have a place in the NFL for people that touch a woman.”

Jim Nantz was critical, too, on CBS’ broadcast of the game.

“Here he is playing for the first time. [He] talks to the media this week and says these absolutely outrageous, unrepentant remarks,” Nantz said. “You talk to come people in Dallas and they thought, ‘Hey, the guy was just trying to be funny’. There was nothing funny about it.

“With his suspension reduced, you thought you might see some contrition with him when he met with the media this week, but it was anything but that.”