Oh, dear. Another SEC defender is getting a little mouthy ahead of a matchup with Leonard Fournette.

This time, it’s Florida’s Jon Bullard. With his Gators set to play Fournette’s LSU Tigers on Saturday, the senior defensive lineman had this to say Tuesday about the all-universe running back:

“He’s nothing that we can’t stop.”

Okay, in fairness, that’s the bulletin-board material that the Tigers will surely make a note of and throw back in Florida’s face if (when?) Fournette tramples the Gators. Here is more of Bullard’s quote, in which he also pays the Heisman Trophy favorite a compliment (via the Advocate):

“He’s the best back in the league. We’re just going to have to rally to the ball and tackle him.
“He’s nothing that we can’t stop, but we all have to rally to the ball because he’s an excellent athlete.”

So kind of a mixed message from Bullard, but since when do SEC rivals pay attention to nuance? The “nothing that we can’t stop” line is quickly making the rounds.

As the tweet above jokingly implies, Florida’s defense is very good — 12th in the nation in rushing defense — but it has plenty to fear in Fournette. The sophomore is far and away the nation’s leader in rushing yards, and he recently set an SEC record with three consecutive 200-yard rushing efforts.

In addition, a previous LSU opponent went down this road and, well, got run over. That would be Auburn safety Rudy Ford, who offered some ill-advised analysis before his school took on Fournette’s Tigers in September.

During that game, it turned out that stopping Fournette was very difficult, indeed. He ran for 228 yards in LSU’s 45-21 rout, and on one particular play, it appeared that Ford was not all that eager to try and bring down the 230-pound wrecking ball.

Of course, Ford is listed at 6-0, 203, while Bullard checks in at 6-3, 283. So the Gator figures to present a little more resistance, but if his squad is actually able to “stop” Fournette, that would be a bigger upset than No. 8 Florida springing a road win at No. 6 LSU.

(H/T NFL.com)