It’s been a decade since the most recent heyday of the Miami Hurricanes, but as recently as 2013, Coach Al Golden led the squad to a 9-4 season. That seems like a lifetime ago now, given that the Hurricanes went 6-7 last year and hit an all-time low Saturday in a 58-0 loss to the No. 6 Clemson Tigers.

How bad a defeat was it? Let’s count just some of the ways.

Worst loss ever

Have to start with that. The next-biggest margin of defeat for the program occurred over 70 years ago, in a 70-14 loss to Texas A&M in 1944.

Miami showed far more fight before the game than at any point during it

A fracas between some members of the Hurricanes and Tigers nearly broke out about an hour before the game. However, all that the standing ended up serving as a harbinger for Miami’s defensive effort.

The attendance was pathetic

Apparently, plenty of Miami fans anticipated a rout and stayed away in droves. Much of the crowd that did arrive rolled out well before the game ended.

Fights broke out in the stands

Hey, at least there were some people in that part of the stadium.

Clemson kept its team on the field for part of halftime

It may have been to avoid any more skirmishes with Miami players. Or perhaps, with a 42-0 lead at that point, the Tigers just wanted to enjoy the weather?

Clemson outgained Miami, 567-146

And the Hurricanes got 55 of their yards on the opening possession, meaning that the next 14 netted just 91.

Miami’s offensive line gave up a sack to just two Clemson pass-rushers

That’s actually hard to do!

Miami quarterback Brad Kaaya got knocked out of the game with a possible concussion

The sophomore’s status for next week’s game at Duke is in question.

At times, Miami players deliberately chose to lose yards.

A lonely Hurricanes fan wore a “Crying Jordan” mask.

‘Nuff said.

Golden, who was already very much on the hot seat, got decidedly tepid affirmation of his continued employment