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Jim Harbaugh’s advice to kids: Multiple Halloween costumes equal more candy

Jim Harbaugh knows that kids just need a little coachin’ up for Halloween. (Tony Ding/Associated Press)
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In the game of life, Michigan Coach Jim Harbaugh competes just the way he does in football: with an arm-twisting, khaki-hued enthusiasm unknown to mankind.

Naturally, there’s an official Harbaugh Method for Trick-or-Treating.

“I try to advise them to get two costumes,” Harbaugh told WXYZ when asked what advice he gives his kids. “To be go-getters. You can hit the neighborhood in one costume, and better to jog and to run from house-to-house, then you can get more candy than anyone else. And then come home, make a quick change into a second costume, and go hit those same houses again.”

Harbaugh was asked if that’s what he did as a kid.

“I did,” he replied. “Constant hustle at all times.”

Hopefully, none of the houses gets too creative with its pumpkins or there will be some constant hustle, all right.