It looks like ESPN and WWE are taking their relationship to the next level: Over the weekend, pro wrestler Ric Flair’s talent agency posted a few photos on its Facebook page, noting that they were taken on the set of an upcoming “30 for 30” documentary about the rise of the now-66-year-old star.

“We named this company Legacy Talent because it’s our mission to help preserve the legacies that our clients have worked a lifetime to build,” the company posted on Facebook. “[On Thursday] we took a huge step in documenting Ric Flair’s legacy by starting to shoot his “30 for 30″ ESPN Film. We are honored to work with such a prestigious group on a project we are so passionate about! ‪#‎Flair30for30‬ ‪#‎ComingSoon‬”

Legacy said the film, which follows in a long line of “30 for 30” documentaries made by ESPN, does not yet have an air date.

Flair shared the photo on his own Facebook page, though, writing, “This is BIG! So excited. WOOOOO!” referring to his trademark howl.

Flair, who’s often seen cheering on his daughter and current WWE “Divas” champion Charlotte during “Raw,” has wrestled with several promotions besides WWE, but it was likely his status with WWE that landed him the “30 for 30” film.

ESPN recently began including WWE news on its television programming, including airing regular interviews with the promotion’s stars and near-weekly highlight reels of WWE’s most jaw-dropping moves from its pay-per-view and weekly programming.

In October, ESPN host Jonathan Coachman, who used to work as a ring announcer for WWE, boasted about the two entities’ closer ties.

Predictably, there has been some backlash from ESPN’s audience, some of which derided pro-wrestling as “fake,” but Coachman doesn’t seem to give that much credit.

To be fair, while Flair’s victories were all staged, the pain and suffering he put his body through and the dramatic lifestyle that came along with being the Nature Boy were/are all very real. In other words, this should be worth the watch, whether you’re a WWE fan or hater.

(H/t: Uproxx)