A student at Notre Dame has accused an academic coach of pressuring him into having sex with her daughter, the New York Daily News reported Sunday night. The student has filed a lawsuit against the school over the matter, alleging she also coerced football and basketball players at the school into having sex with her daughter.

Notre Dame has fired the tutor, with an internal school report obtained by the Daily News saying she violated the school’s “values” and its “discrimination harassment policy.”

In the lawsuit against the school, the unnamed student argues “the tutor orchestrated ‘sexually and racially motivated’ trysts with her daughter by including condoms, transportation and hotel rooms for academic favors,” Nicole Hensley and Reuven Blau of the Daily News report.

“She was exploiting African-American males,” Peter J. Agostino, one of the attorneys who is representing the unnamed student who filed the lawsuit, told the Daily News. “He was invited to the family’s private home to facilitate the relationship.”

According to the lawsuit, the student who filed the lawsuit began a five-month relationship with the academic coach’s daughter after seeking out help from the tutor:

Those lessons quickly escalated to out-of-state sexual liaisons between her daughter, who was also at the school, and the student.
“She was encouraging it,” said the man’s other lawyer, Michael Misch. “The mom sought him out and promoted the relationship by providing hotel rooms and condoms.”
The academic coach would later interrogate him about the “nature, frequency, and quality of the sexual activities” they had, the lawsuit claims, badgering him with “racially-charged comments about his sexual prowess and genitalia,” the suit alleges. …
The student tried to end his relationship with the tutor’s daughter, but she then pressured him to convert to Catholicism and recommended he seek mental health counseling.
The coach’s apparent colleague and friend in the school’s psychiatric support allegedly worked in cahoots to “medicate Plaintiff John Doe to keep him passive, cooperative, and under control,” the court documents said.

The lawsuit alleges that the tutor arranged “sexual encounters with her daughter and football and basketball players,” the South Bend Tribune reported Saturday.

A Notre Dame spokesman called the lawsuit “unfounded” in a statement to the Daily News and said the mention of student-athletes made it little more than a publicity stunt.