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NDSU’s Zach Vraa makes an absurd catch around stunned defender

We’ve seen some great catches in college football this season, including an October gem by Stanford’s Francis Owusu, in which he reached around a UCLA defender to haul in a touchdown pass. Saturday, North Dakota State’s Zach Vraa arguably one-upped Owusu’s feat, when he reached around a Western Illinois player to corral a pass, then pulled the ball over the defender’s head and trotted into the end zone for an amazing score.

Not only did Vraa author a strong contender for college football’s play of the day, he did so while tying the NDSU record for touchdown catches in a career. WIU linebacker Riggs Baxter just stopped moving after the catch, seemingly in stunned disbelief at what he was seeing.

In fairness, Riggs was outmatched on the play both in terms of athleticism and experience, as he is a freshman while Vraa is a sixth-year senior. The 23-year-old wide receiver took a medical hardship after suffering multiple collarbone and hamstring injuries earlier in his career.