Reggie Bush’s season ended on the cold concrete of the Edward Jones Dome. (Tom Gannam/AP)

Reggie Bush plans to hit back over the season-ending injury he suffered last week at St. Louis’ Edward Jones Dome.

The San Francisco 49ers running back has hired legal representation and plans to sue the city of St. Louis, CBS Sports’ Jason La Canfora reports. Bush was hurt when he ran out of bounds and skidded into a wall when his cleats struck a concrete strip ringing the stadium. Bush underwent surgery for a torn medial collateral ligament injury that may well jeopardize his career, given his age and injury history.

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He hired attorney Shawn Holley and her firm, KWIKA, in his case against the city, which owns and operates the Jones Dome through its Sports Authority and Convention Bureau. A week before Bush’s injury, Cleveland Browns quarterback Josh McCown hurt his shoulder crashing into the wall and the NFL Players Association contacted the NFL about safety at the stadium, La Canfora reported.

The Rams reportedly are pushing to have the issue addressed before their next home game, Nov. 15.