[UPDATE 11:30 a.m.] The president of the University of Missouri resigned Monday amid escalating protests over racist incidents on campus and how he had responded to students’ concerns. (Read More)


Above is a Facebook post from Luke Lambert, a former Missouri linebacker who still lives in Columbia, Mo. (At least it appears to be from Luke Lambert? You’ll find other players in the comments, and the personal details match up.)

In the post, Lambert writes that Missouri athletes who have said they won’t participate in football activities are showing a “pure lack of responsibility and ungratefulness.”

“Playing football at the University of Missouri is a privilege, a privilege a lot individuals would take from you, if you are willing to give it up,” the post states. “During this time of ‘standing down’, are you truly following through with the message sent to the public or will you still collect the monthly scholarship check to enjoy that night out, eat in the free dinning hall, earn the free degree and enjoy the free gear handed to you during your tenure at the University of Missouri?”

A Twitter search shows that Lambert isn’t the only one calling attention to the scholarships of the players who are participating in this campus movement, in which students have called for university president Tim Wolfe to resign or be fired.

So can a scholarship be pulled because of a student-athlete’s participation in a political or social movement?

An NCAA spokeswoman said in an e-mail that terms of financial aid agreements can differ from school to school, and suggested that The Post contact Missouri …

… and I have, but for now, it’s probably good to note that Mizzou Coach Gary Pinkel has tweeted his support for his players:

And the Mizzou athletic department is publicly urging the campus to come together, and not suggesting anything punitive:

It seems unlikely that participating in this movement will negatively impact a players’ scholarship. But this post will update if that changes.

In the meantime, you can read more about the situation at Missouri:
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