In October, we heard different things about an altercation between Grizzlies forward Matt Barnes and Knicks Coach Derek Fisher. In the Los Angeles area to visit his children, Fisher was reportedly at the home of Gloria Govan, the estranged wife of Barnes, when the Memphis player unexpectedly showed up and started a fight that attracted the notice of police.

The New York Post broke the story, claiming that Barnes had driven 95 miles from his team’s training camp in Santa Barbara in order to beat up Fisher, who he had learned was involved in a romantic relationship with Govan. Barnes claimed that he had come over from his own residence 15 miles away at the behest of his young children, who were uncomfortable with Fisher’s presence in their home, and the situation escalated from there.

When police arrived, Barnes had fled and Fisher declined to press charges, despite a few reported scratches. The Grizzlies and the NBA were, or may still be, looking into the situation, but that’s pretty much where we left it.

Until Monday, when Barnes offered some more thoughts to Ben Bolch of the Los Angeles Times. The forward derided Fisher for choosing to “run and tell the cops and NBA,” while also blaming the New York Post for trying to make him “look like the bad guy.”

That depiction of Fisher doesn’t seem entirely fair, given that the coach had simply chosen to remain at Govan’s home when police arrived and was reportedly willing to “let it go.” For his part, Fisher has declined to comment on the situation.

Much more willing to comment will likely be Clippers fans, who are set to welcome Barnes back to Staples Center on Monday. The forward played with that team over the past three seasons, and, prior to that, was a teammate of Fisher’s with the Lakers.