Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay already had spent $530,000 on a 1963 Gretch guitar once owned by John Lennon, $408,000 on a 1966 Vox played by Lennon and George Harrison and $567,000 for a 1964 Gibson SG once owned by Harrison.

So Jim Irsay likes Beatles memorabilia, a point hammered home Saturday when he ponied up $2.125 million at auction on the bass drum head used by Ringo Starr during the band’s 1964 performances in the United States.

You probably recognize Irsay’s latest purchase if you know anything about the Beatles.

And according to the curator of Irsay’s rare guitars and collectibles, it was money well spent, at least compared with a Lennon guitar that went for $2.41 million at the same auction.

“Jim’s logic was sound,” Chris McKinney told the Indianapolis Star. “If you showed the guitar to 20 people, one might recognize what it is. If you show the drum head to 20 people, most will be able to identify with it.”

The Star points out that there were seven such drum heads made during the Beatles’ tenure as the biggest band in the world. Irsay now owns No. 2. Paul McCartney owns No. 1. Good luck getting that one, Jim.