A fan in the stands has a memory as long as Mark Cuban’s, too. (LM Otero)

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban, in the kind of thing that makes everyone love Mark Cuban a little, isn’t letting go of his anger over the reporting by ESPN’s Chris Broussard during Cuban’s courtship of DeAndre Jordan last summer.

Just before the Los Angeles Clippers, who ended up with Jordan, played the Mavericks on Wednesday night, Cuban was asked about incorrect reports that still have the owner steamed.

“You mean Chris Broussard? Yeah, he’s an idiot,” he said (via the Los Angeles Times). “I take that back. My sources say he’s an idiot.”

Get the aloe, STAT, for that burn.

Last summer, when reports were swirling that Jordan had changed his mind about signing with the Mavericks, Broussard tweeted: “CORRECTION: Sources: Cuban beside himself. Driving around downtown HOUSTON begging (thru texts) Jordan’s family 4 address to DeAndre’s home.”

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Cuban disputed that and Broussard eventually apologized with a tweet: “Regarding my Wednesday report: I should have attempted to contact Mark Cuban before reporting what my sources were telling me. I always try to carry myself with honesty and integrity both personally and professionally. I recognize that I tweeted hastily, I’m sorry for it, and I will learn from my mistake.”

Cuban wasn’t finished after the game, either.

“It’s not like we’ve been friends forever. It’s not like he broke some trust we had,” he said. “He turned out to be who we thought he was … I dunno, maybe someday somebody will introduce me to that guy [Jordan]. I don’t know his name. You can tell him I said that.”

Jordan was heckled, booed and greeted by fans with derogatory signs in Dallas, but swore it wasn’t too bad.

“I thought it was going to be a lot worse, honestly,” he said. “But it was cool. … They’re obviously going to boo and heckle a little bit, but I thought it was going to be a lot worse. Ultimately, we came out here to win a basketball game and that was it.”

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The Mavs’ Twitter account may have done the owner and everyone else one better, though, after Dallas’s 118-108 victory.