Imagine playing against former NBA center Shawn Bradley, who spent 12 seasons stalking the league with his 7-foot-6 frame. Now think about having to guard him when you were a freshman in high school.

That’s practically what it’s like for kids having to go up against Romanian basketball player Robert Bobroczky, who stands 7 feet 6 inches at just 15 years old.

Bobroczky plays for U-16 Stella Azzurra, a basketball academy in Rome, which produced Andrea Bargnani, the No. 1 pick in the 2006 NBA Draft. His giraffe-like frame makes it hard for him to run the floor, but once he gets position in the paint, watch out.

The young center has reportedly garnered the attention of NBA scouts already (how could he not?), and, if he made it to the league, he would be the tallest player as soon as he signed.

And there is reason to believe he might.

Bobroczky sees the floor well, protects the rim with ease and displays a quality mid-range jumper that actually looks quite smooth for a boy that size. Best part is, he has plenty of time to develop his game and put on muscle to go with his staggering height.

Take a look for yourself:

Could this be the next Kristaps Porzingis? Maybe. (But it’s probably a bit too early to tell.)