In honor of the victims of Friday’s attacks in Paris, NFL teams held a moment of silence before each game Sunday. According to several accounts, as that was happening before the Lions and Packers kicked off in Green Bay, someone in the stands at Lambeau Field yelled out a derogatory generalization about Muslims.

Aaron Rodgers apparently heard the fan’s comment, and after his team’s 18-16 loss, the quarterback expressed his dismay.

“I think it’s important to do things like [the moment of silence]. We’re a connected world, you know — six degrees of separation,” Rodgers told reporters. “I must admit, though, I was very disappointed with whoever the fan was who made a comment that I thought was really inappropriate, during the moment of silence. It’s that kind of prejudicial ideology that I think puts us in the position that we’re in today, as a world.”

Here is video of the moment of silence before Lions-Packers. It sounds like someone yells “Muslims suck!” followed by other comments, including “Go, Pack, go!” and “Have some respect!”