Ronda Rousey receives medical treatment after being defeated by Holly Holm (in the background). (Quinn Rooney/Getty Images)

In the wake of Ronda Rousey’s stunning loss Saturday, the former UFC champion is taking flak from a number of directions. Not only have MMA rivals predictably gloated over her defeat, but celebrities such as Laila Ali (who had a brief war of words with Rousey in March) and Lady Gaga have also offered some unflattering comments.

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The woman who administered that stunning loss, Holly Holm, could certainly be in a position to crow about having delivered a major comeuppance. After all, just before the fight, Rousey had written this on Instagram (asterisks added):

“Fake a** cheap shotting fake respect fake humility b**** – “preacher’s daughter” my a** – I see through your fake sweet act now – you’re getting your a** kicked tomorrow, and I’m really going to enjoy the beating I give you”

On Monday, Holm did admit to ESPN — after some prodding — that being able to punch Rousey in the face was “satisfying.” However, she made it clear that she found it satisfying in a professional sense, and that she doesn’t “take anything personally.”

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Holm went further in an interview with TMZ Sports, praising Rousey for “taking the sport to new levels” and saying, “I have a lot of respect for her.” While Holm expressed clear satisfaction in her win, she noted that she doesn’t “wish any hate” on Rousey.

Then Holm referred to others who have taken the opportunity to kick Rousey (in a metaphorical sense, not in the way that Holm herself so memorably did in the octagon) while she’s down.

“You know, I think people can be pretty brutal, and when you’re in the spot she’s in, there are people that are just gonna jump ship. And I don’t ever wish for that.”

Classy comments from Holm, although if one wanted to be thoroughly cynical, one could note that it’s in the new UFC champ’s interest for people to continue to be fans of Rousey, all the better to set up a lucrative rematch. Still, Rousey wasn’t just mocking Holm’s humility by calling her a “preacher’s daughter” — her father, Roger Holm, is a minister at the Edgewood Church of Christ in Albuquerque.

For his part, Roger Holm recently told Orlando Sanchez of KOAT that his daughter was always the type to stand up to bullies. “She just always had that courage about her. She never did like seeing people mistreat anybody,” he said.

In this case, that admirable trait has cut both ways. On one hand, it enabled Holm to enter the octagon Saturday less intimidated than previous opponents may have been. On the other hand, after having knocked the brash Rousey off her lofty perch, Holm has no interest in joining others in piling on the fallen star.

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