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Michael Phelps is going to be a dad

(Andy Clayton-King/AP)
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Michael Phelps shared some big news on Instagram on Wednesday. The Olympic hopeful announced he and his former Miss California fiancee are expecting a child.

Phelps said his fiancee Nicole Johnson is currently 12 weeks along and they’ve already discovered the baby’s a boy.

For those doing the math, the baby’s birth will not coincide with next summer’s Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, which are slated to run from Aug. 5 to 21. Assuming the couple will give birth at 40 weeks, that would mean little baby Phelps should come along sometime in May.

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It’s been quite the roller-coaster year for the 30-year-old swimmer. He went from racking up his second DUI in Sept. 2014 to setting swimming the fastest 200-meter butterfly this year.

Phelps has credited his turnaround to his decision to check into an alcohol-treatment facility. The 22-time Olympic medalist has since vowed not to drink again, at least through the Olympics.

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“Haven’t had a single sip and will not have a sip,” he told Sports Illustrated in a recent interview. “My body fat has dropped significantly, and I’m leaner than I’ve ever been. The performances were there because I worked, recovered, slept and took care of myself more than I ever had.”