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Ronda Rousey issued medical suspension by UFC that could last up to six months

Down goes Ronda Rousey (left) in the UFC fight against Holly Holm. (Joe Castro/EPA)

Ronda Rousey won’t be fighting Holly Holm or anyone else anytime soon because the former UFC bantamweight champion received a six-month medical suspension Tuesday, most likely the result of her loss Saturday to Holm.

Fourteen fighters from UFC 193 were given suspensions of up to 180 days, including three of four title fighters (Rousey among them). The UFC reported its official list of suspensions to MMA records site Rousey’s suspension is for 180 days, unless she is cleared by a head CT scan. She is not to fight again for 60 days and not to have contact for 45, Fox Sports reports.

Very little is known of Rousey’s condition since her second-round knockout Saturday. She did not meet with reporters and was taken to a Melbourne, Australia, hospital to have plastic surgery for a split lip. She did not suffer a head injury, UFC President Dana White said.

[Looks like a Rousey-Holm rematch could already be in the works]

Rousey returned to the U.S. on Tuesday, but kept her face well hidden behind a hoodie and a pillow as TMZ Sports attempted to interview her at Los Angeles International Airport.

Rousey had planned to take time off after the fight, win or lose, and is expected to work on her budding film career. She’s expected to appear in the remake of the Patrick Swayze cult classic “Road House.”