When you’re a Packers fan, a three-game losing streak, especially one marked by poor offensive performances, is cause for panic. After a 6-0 start, Green Bay has gone into just such a mini-tailspin, with the most recent defeat, a home loss to the woeful Lions, particularly baffling.

Aaron Rodgers, who has long been considered among the very best quarterbacks in the NFL, was shockingly inept in the first loss, albeit in a tough road game at Denver. He was also unusually inefficient in the next two defeats, and he is on pace for his lowest completion percentage and yards-per-attempt average since he became a starter in 2008.

One theory floating around is that Mike Ditka, intentionally or not, placed a curse on the team by wearing a Packers  sweater in recent ads for McDonald’s. However, not everyone is grasping at that straw.

Instead, some Green Bay fans are pointing a finger at the very high-profile woman in Rodgers’s life: Olivia Munn. Yes, she may have a starring role in the upcoming “X-Men” movie, but a certain segment of Cheesehead Nation would prefer to see her become Rodgers’s ex.

A prime example of this line of thinking was provided recently by the Twitter account @JSComments, which passes along noteworthy comments (often Packers-related) by readers of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. In this comment, an upset Green Bay fan claimed that Rodgers hasn’t been a good quarterback since Munn spoke to Bravo’s Andy Cohen about their sex life.

But that’s hardly the only example of this theory floating about the Interwebs.

And lest you think it’s just some nutty fans promoting this line of thinking, ESPN’s Packers reporter, Rob Demovsky, brought it up in a recent article on “Five reasons why Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers is struggling.” Here is reason No. 5:

“Possible off-field issues?: A longtime NFL agent told me recently that when he sees one of his top-performing clients play differently, as Rodgers has of late, the first thing he wonders is if something is going on in his personal life. There’s no indication that Rodgers’ relationship status has changed. Lions reporters said they spotted Rodgers’ girlfriend, actress Olivia Munn, at Lambeau Field on Sunday. Sometimes it’s easy to forget that professional athletes have lives away from the field, and you never know what could be going on in their personal lives.”

Of course, this theory overlooks a few facts. For one thing, Rodgers and Munn reportedly started dating before the 2014 season, one in which the quarterback played well enough to win his second NFL MVP award. And does anyone think Tom Brady’s high-profile marriage to Gisele Bundchen is negatively affecting his play?

A more likely explanation has to do with the fact that Rodgers lost his top wide receiver, Jordy Nelson, before the season, and defenses are starting to figure out how to stop the current receiving corps. Also, Green Bay’s offensive line has not played particularly well of late, and all the hits Rodgers has taken have begun to impact his overall health.

A poll in the spring found that the only thing more popular in Wisconsin than Rodgers was cheese, so it will be a while yet before residents of that state get around to blaming the quarterback for the Packers’ woes. Especially when there’s another, more convenient target around, leading many to hope he’ll soon be done with Munn.