English Premier League teams will follow in the footsteps of the NFL, with a moment of silence in remembrance of victims of the Paris terrorist attacks and enhanced security at games this weekend.

Players also will wear black armbands and the French national anthem will be played just before kickoff at EPL stadiums, where clubs will follow guidelines by the Joint Terrorism Analysis Centre and the National Counter Terrorism Security Office.

“The clubs have been fully briefed in context of the current guidance from national security services and are liaising with their local police forces to ensure the appropriate security and safety measures are in place for their matches and stadiums,” Premier League executive chairman Richard Scudamore said (via the Telegraph).

Fans, as they were at NFL games last weekend, were advised to arrive early because searches of those entering the stadiums will be more extensive. Only England has more Premier League players than France (with 72).

Football League teams in the Championship, League One and Two have been given the option to play “La Marseillaise” before matches and will observe a moment of silence.

Multiple suicide bombers detonated devices outside Stade de France during last Friday’s soccer match between France and Germany. One terrorist reportedly attempted to enter the stadium with a ticket but was turned away after he was found to be wearing an explosive vest. He then set off the bomb.