It takes a big man to push William “Refrigerator” Perry out of the way. Dontari Poe is just such a man, and because he is, in fact, bigger than the Fridge was in his Bears playing days, the Chiefs defensive lineman was able to set an NFL record on Sunday.

The 346-pound Poe took a plunge into the end zone against the Chargers, and with the score, he became that heaviest NFL player to ever score a touchdown. That record had been held by Perry, who, at a listed weight of 335, delighted fans in the 1980s with his occasional short-yardage carries.

It is a measure of how things have changed that Poe’s size isn’t considered particularly noteworthy, whereas the lighter Perry was renowned for his. However, Poe is like his predecessor in having remarkable athleticism for his build.

This was the first career touchdown for Poe, who was the 11th overall pick in the 2012 draft out of Memphis. Perry scored two regular-season touchdowns, plus another in Super Bowl XX.