The things that come out of the mouth of Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban often cause him to have to write a check, usually to the NBA. On Saturday, he was fined twice and didn’t mind a bit.

Cuban, participating in a pregame interview for a match at the League of Legends show Saturday at the Intel Extreme Masters San Jose, let an f-bomb fly as he was indulging in some trash talk and was hit with a $15,000 fine. He rolled his eyes, then smiled mischievously.

“So if I say it again, I have to pay another $15,000?” he asked, knowing that the money went to charity. Of course, the fine jumped to $30,000 and of course Cuban was all in. (You can watch it here, with the warning that this is an unedited clip.)

Cuban’s team went on to beat the team led by Intel CEO Brian Krzanich.