Perhaps the security people had too much turkey. Or perhaps they were lulled into an insensate state by the Detroit Lions’ 45-14 victory over the Philadelphia Eagles. Either way, two protesters from the group Direct Action Everywhere made it past security forces and onto the Ford Field turf Thursday afternoon in Detroit.

One woman was carrying a banner that read “Animal Liberation Now” and “it’s not food, it’s violence.” The group’s target this time of year is what it says are inhumane conditions at turkey farms around the nation as 30-45 million turkeys are killed for the holiday.

“We love our dogs and cats at home, but spare little thought for the turkey lying dead on the table,” said Cat Roberts, one of the activists who rushed the field, said in a statement released by Direction Action Everywhere. “It’s time we extend our compassion to all animals.”

In any event, security quick escorted them off the field.