Something magical happened during Sunday’s Giants-Redskins game. No, not Washington moving into first place in the NFC East with a 5-6 record (although that does seem fairly fantastical in its own right).

What happened was a closed-captioning error bestowed upon us one of the greatest nicknames in recent memory. And from here on out, it will be impossible to refer to Eli Manning as anything but “Penguin Boy.”

Well, that may not have been a good(e) decision, but it led to a wonderful new thing.

The beauty of it is that “Penguin Boy” really does seem to fit Manning, who continues to possess a sort of youthful awkwardness even into his 35th year. Apparently, he already has the nickname “Easy E,” but that doesn’t seem to have stuck any more than his brother Peyton is actually known as “The Sheriff.” (Seriously, who calls him that?)

Needless to say, the Internet was all aboard this exciting new development.

From here on out, we probably should just let closed captioning determine all of our sports nicknames. After all, that’s how Nik Stauskas came to be known as “Sauce Castillo.”