Following Houston’s 24-13 win over Temple in Saturday’s American Athletic Conference championship game, Cougars fans did what many fans, especially of the college-student variety, do in such situations: storm the field. However, a few members of the event staff at TDECU Stadium in Houston appeared to feel that such boisterous actions needed to be deterred, and the result was some violent confrontations, even as the majority of fans streamed by.

Several observers shot videos of the physical altercations between fans and Contemporary Services Corporation (CSC) event staffers. According to witness reports to WHOU, Houston police officers told the staffers, although possibly not all of them, to allow the fans rush onto the field. (Warning: some of the videos contain profanity.)

Later on Saturday, Hunter Yurachek, Houston’s athletic director, released a strongly worded statement:

“After viewing initial videos of today’s postgame activity, I am extremely disappointed and angered by individuals employed by our security contractor CSC. We are working with the University of Houston police to review today’s activities and will take swift and appropriate action including the termination of our current contract with CSC and any legal action deemed necessary.”

CSC also issued a statement on the actions by some of its staffers:

“Contemporary Services Corporation (CSC) is aware of the events that occurred following today’s University of Houston football game. Training is provided to CSC employees for responding to such situations. Any actions by CSC personnel that contradict our training, CSC’s other requirements, or the law, are not condoned by CSC and will not be tolerated. We are currently performing an investigation of the events and will take appropriate action based on the outcome of our investigation.”

Most fans were able to run past the staffers and join a celebration in the middle of the field. The handful who took some unnecessary punishment on their way there have to be wondering why they were singled out.