South Carolina made it official on Monday, as the school’s Board of Trustees agreed to hire Will Muschamp as the Gamecocks’ new football coach.

“I am very excited about the future of this football program under his leadership,” South Carolina Athletic Director Ray Tanner said, per The State. “I think he’s going to be here for a long, long time.”

You know who else thought Muschamp would be at his job for a long, long time: Jennifer Coney, the mother of Rashan Gary, the No. 1 recruit in the Class of 2016. She’s not at all pleased with how Muschamp handled his departure from Auburn, where he was the Tigers’ defensive coordinator.

“Last Monday, [Auburn linebackers coach Lance Thompson] and Coach Muschamp came to the house. I was hearing all kinds of coaching things so I asked them,” Coney recalled. “Coach Thompson said he loves Auburn and plans on being there. Coach Muschamp said the same thing. He said he had put his family through a lot. He had moved nine times. He had moved his kids from school to school and wanted some stability. He said he promised his son stability through high school. He knew he wasn’t going anywhere — Auburn was where he’s going to stay. Of course, that was a lie.”
She continued, “Now I know, If you get a head coaching position, of course you might leave. But he should have been honest. He should have said, ‘Well, if I get the opportunity.’ I would respect that. I would have understood. It’s a job for them. But he didn’t. Muschamp is a liar. A pure liar. … If I had his number I’d call him.”

Not only that, but Coney claims Auburn Coach Gus Malzahn was shocked by Muschamp’s departure after just one season on The Plains, where he was the nation’s highest-paid assistant:

“He said he was blindsided,” Coney said. “He seemed like he was being a genuine guy, too. They all do. Muschamp seems like a genuine guy. (Malzahn) didn’t tell me when he found out, so I don’t know. I like him. They said they were coming this week, but who’s going?”

Coney claims that she doesn’t blame Auburn as a whole, just Muschamp, and that she and her son will wait to see who Auburn hires to replace Muschamp before making a decision. Gary, a defensive tackle from Paramus, N.J., reportedly is considering Michigan, Ole Miss, USC and Alabama along with Auburn. Doesn’t sound like South Carolina is in the running.

“This is my son — I want my son around a good group of men who are accountable men,” Coney told Auburn Undercover. “In Rashan’s life, I want him to be accountable for everything he does and everything he says. I’m giving him to you — give him good character. Good morals.”