Reds relief pitcher Aroldis Chapman put his hands around his girlfriend’s neck in a domestic incident, according to her account in a police report obtained Monday by Yahoo Sports. The report also cited Chapman as having fired eight gunshots in his garage later that same October evening.

The Dodgers were reportedly set to trade for Chapman, who is one of the hardest throwers in MLB and a premier closer. In the wake of the news of the Oct. 30 incident, that deal is now on hold.

Police said they went to Chapman’s Miami home in response to a reported domestic disturbance that involved the discharge of a firearm. A woman who identified herself as Chapman’s girlfriend told them that she had been hiding in some nearby bushes, and she was concerned about her infant child, who was still in the residence.

The girlfriend said that she had gotten into an argument with Chapman about something “she did not like” on his cell phone. She told police that, in a movie theater inside the home, the pitcher had “pushed her up against the wall and then she fell to the floor.” From the report:

“She then advised that Chapman had ‘choked’ her by placing his hands around her neck, but did not prevent her from breathing at any time. I asked her where he grabbed her and she pointed at her neck, but there were no injuries or even redness anywhere on her neck or her chest.”

Officers set up a perimeter around the home and requested that Chapman come outside, which he “eventually” did. He told police that “he poked his girlfriend on the left shoulder” and that “she fell to the floor and started yelling.”

At that point, according to multiple witness accounts, the girlfriend’s brother separated the two, at which point she fled the home. Chapman said he went inside his car and punched a window, causing a laceration on his left pinkie.

Chapman told police that he took a gun from his car’s glove compartment and locked himself in his garage. The report says that he “then shot several shots inside the garage and threw his pistol away inside the garage.” There were reportedly eight shots fired, seven that hit a wall inside the garage and another that passed through a window into what was believed to be “vacant land.”

Another person in the house moved that gun back into Chapman’s car, and he was told that he had “hindered the investigation by doing so.” No charges have been filed, partly because of conflicting accounts and uncooperative witnesses, but MLB is investigating the incident.

Before the news of the domestic incident emerged Monday, multiple reports claimed that the Dodgers had agreed to acquire Chapman from the Reds for a pair of prospects. However, it may now take weeks for the trade to be completed, if at all.