Luke Rockhold (top) wrestles with Chris Weidman in their UFC 194 middleweight title fight Saturday. (Steve Marcus/Getty Images)

The UFC 194 title fight between Jose Aldo and Conor McGregor was over in a mere 13 seconds, but there was no such mercy in the middleweight battle in which Luke Rockhold left Chris Weidman battered and bloodied.

Rockhold won with a fourth-round TKO but fans, analysts and the head of UFC thought the fight should have been called before that.

“When a guy is that hurt and out of it and has trouble getting up, it probably should have been stopped,” UFC President Dana White said of referee Herb Dean. “You know — but Weidman’s durable, man. He’s a durable, tough guy. He always has been. It’s crazy how in a fight one little mistake [a wheelkick] pretty much ended the fight for him.”

Weidman’s face told a gruesome story afterward and Yahoo’s Kevin Iole questioned the decision to let the fight go on.

“Referee Herb Dean, who probably made a major error by not stopping it late in the third as Rockhold was whaling away on Weidman with fists and elbows, finally called it at 3:12 of the fourth.”