(Richard Drew/Associated Press, File)

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump dipped his toes into the world of sports commentary on Dec. 7 when he suggested that — contrary to all available evidence — there is no such thing as a Muslim sports hero. His remarks were condemned by many in the sports world, most notably and publicly by Charles Barkley on TNT.

But Trump and his protectionist views still have their supporters among the athletically inclined. Former Heisman Trophy winner and NFL star Herschel Walker, for one.

Here’s TMZ Sports:

“Look, we can’t build a wall and not let people in the country,” Walker tells TMZ Sports … “But we do have to get this country safe. We have to quit being politically correct.”

“We have to do what’s right to save America … I guarantee you [Donald] would do better than a lot of people in office now. That I can tell you for a fact.”

“Donald has said what he’s said, but his numbers haven’t gone down. That’s a sign he is saying the things that people think, but are afraid to say themselves. Donald is saying what people want to hear.”

Walker’s support of Trump shouldn’t be all that surprising, considering he played for Trump as a member of the USFL’s New Jersey Generals in the 1980s and later appeared on Trump’s “Celebrity Apprentice” television show.

Trump “wanted to win and he was prepared to go out and do whatever it took to win,” Walker told USA Today in August. “He was a guy that always did what he said he was going to do.

“And he invited me into his home. … I’ve gotten to know that family well. I saw the way they were. They were a very good family.”

So Walker isn’t walking (heh) back any of his previous support of Trump, unlike Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, who said a Trump presidency “would be great” before correcting himself to say he wasn’t actually endorsing him.