Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump took a swing at President Obama on Monday, insinuating that his penchant for golf has gotten in the way of his work schedule.

“It was reported today [Obama] played 250 rounds of golf and he’s going to be in Hawaii, I think did they say for three weeks?” Trump said at a Monday night campaign rally in Grand Rapids, Mich. (via “Two hundred and fifty rounds, that’s more than a guy who plays in the PGA Tour plays. He played more golf last year than Tiger Woods. We don’t have time for this. We have to work.”

Trump, who owns 17 golf courses worldwide, continued: “I don’t have time for that. I love golf, I think it’s one of the greats, but I don’t have time.”

It’s unclear whether Trump’s statement that Obama played more golf than Woods last year is true or not. It’s likely, however, that a lot of golf aficionados played more rounds of golf than Woods over the last year, as the 39-year-old pro spent much of his time recovering from injury. Not counting practice rounds, Woods played only 32 rounds on the PGA Tour in the 2015 calendar year.

As for the 250 number, that’s more aligned with the facts available. In August, the Washington Examiner reported Obama was nearing the 250 mark after wrapping up his 244th round while on vacation on Martha’s Vineyard. An important distinction to make, however, is that Obama has spread out his nearly 250 rounds of golf over the course of his seven years as president so far. Trump’s statement makes it sound like Obama played 250 rounds just in the last year alone. Now, that really would be too time-consuming for a president to handle.

Obama, however, only hits the links while on vacation, which according to, isn’t all that often. Obama, who sank a nice chip shot Tuesday during a family trek to Hawaii, has taken less vacation time overall than his predecessor George W. Bush.