Brandon Weeden couldn’t have been happy when the Cowboys dumped him in mid-season, especially given that his replacements at quarterback hardly fared better. But Weeden landed on his feet with the Texans, and with his new team on the verge of the playoffs, Weeden couldn’t help but admit Monday how pleased he was that Dallas owner Jerry Jones won’t be participating.

Weeden, a former star at Oklahoma State, went on Oklahoma City’s 107.7 The Franchise. This exchange followed:

107.7: “Will it be extra satisfying because of what Jerry [Jones] said to see the Cowboys completely just turn into a dumpster fire if you’re in the playoffs?”
Weeden: “I mean yeah, absolutely. That’d be sweet. We get to play extra football and he’ll be watching on his couch.”

One reason why Houston is so close to making it into the playoffs is because of Weeden’s performance Sunday. With starter Brian Hoyer out with a concussion and backup T.J. Yates having been lost to a torn ACL, Weeden was pressed into service and led his team to a 34-6 win on the road against the Titans.

In fact, Weeden, who delayed his football career while trying his hand at professional baseball, became the first quarterback in the history of the franchise to throw for two touchdowns and run for another. Not bad for a guy Jones had benched in favor of Matt Cassel — after referring to Weeden as “limited” — while the two were filling in for the injured Tony Romo.

In hindsight, the 32-year-old Weeden was arguably the best of the three spot-starters at quarterback, a group that also includes former Boise State signal caller Kellen Moore. Of that trio, Weeden posted the highest quarterback rating, completion percentage, yards per attempt and and interception percentage.

What he didn’t do was help the Cowboys get a win, but the other two have only combined for one of those, as the team sits at a highly irrelevant 4-11 with one week to go. Meanwhile, Weeden is on a squad not far away and nearly in possession of the AFC South crown — and whether he makes another start for it or not, he is undoubtedly in a happier place.