Ryan Tannehill was flattened by a sack and blindsided by Miko Grimes. (Lynne Sladky/Associated Press)

Miko Grimes, the wife of Miami Dolphins cornerback Brent Grimes, hasn’t held back in her often-vulgar, R-rated criticisms of media members who cover the team, but on Sunday she added a rip of quarterback Ryan Tannehill.

That tweet, though, prompted Miami Herald columnist Armando Salguero to reveal an unsavory, behind-the-scenes accounting for his and other reporters’ dealings with Miko Grimes, as well as the team’s unsuccessful past efforts to rein her in. Grimes’s tweets are protected but screenshots by others display her tirades. One tweet, aimed at the “Triple A’s” of Adam Beasley and Salguero of the Herald and Andrew Abramson of the Palm Beach Post, carries a lewd suggestion involving Magic Johnson and cannot be reprinted here, though Salguero explains it like this: “In a tweet Sunday evening, Mrs. Grimes suggested the three reporters have intercourse with Magic Johnson’s sexual organ. Except she used more explicit language.”

Grimes, in addition to her vigorous Twitter account, did a radio show with the Sun-Sentinel’s Omar Kelly until Grimes was fired after being arrested for a run-in with police this season. Charges later were dropped, but she was required to obtain court permission to travel to London for the Dolphins’ game overseas. In addition to calling reporters vulgar names to their faces, she was warned by the team about her outspokenness in preseason. Salguero writes:

The Dolphins met with Grimes and his wife at that time to explain that was not proper use of her press privileges. The Dolphins, you should know, have met with Brent Grimes about his wife at least five different occasions to express concern over Mrs. Grimes’ colorful personality. At least five. Joe Philbin told me in the preseason he told Grimes in a meeting that he needed to address with his wife her social media behavior because, like it or not, it reflected poorly on the organization.

Probably worse from the team’s perspective is that she was sharing the kind of information that teams hate to see divulged.

“I should’ve known we were gonna lose when I heard we didn’t complete a single pass in two minute drills this week against the practice squad defense,” she tweeted Sunday.

The Dolphins have one game left and it remains to be seen whether Tannehill has a future with the team. Same goes for Miko Grimes’s husband. He wasn’t due to speak to reporters until Wednesday, but his coach tried to quell any controversy Monday.

“I’ve never sensed that there’s been any animosity or disconnect between those two players,” Dan Campbell said (via the Herald). “That’s never been an issue. I still don’t believe that’s an issue.”

As for any punishment, Campbell didn’t think it was possible or likely.

“I don’t think you can do that,” Campbell said, “because that’s not him.”