In October, the NBA had a veritable soap opera on its hands, starring journeyman Matt Barnes, New York Knicks Coach Derek Fisher and Barnes’s estranged wife Gloria Govan, a reality TV star. Several versions of the tale have emerged — first, that Barnes drove 95 miles to beat up his former Los Angeles Lakers teammate after learning that Fisher was romantically involved with Govan, followed by Barnes’s version, that he had merely driven 15 miles from his own home in Southern California to check on his sons after they complained of Fisher’s presence in their mother’s house.

Keep in mind: This all happened in October.

Monday, the NBA suspended Barnes for two games as a result of the physical altercation with Fisher, according to Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo Sports. The 35-year-old Barnes, who is currently a swingman for the Memphis Grizzlies, will reportedly miss Tuesday’s game against the Miami Heat and Saturday’s matchup with the Utah Jazz.

While it may seem like a long while after the incident took place, the investigation just concluded, per the NBA, and needed to run its course. Obviously, it’s always a bad look when one player is fighting another member of the NBA family, let alone a coach in a prominent market who is also the former president of the National Basketball Players Association. And for what it’s worth, Barnes probably did himself no favors when he complained to the New York Post last month that Fisher had chosen to “run and tell the cops and NBA” about the ordeal.