We’ll probably never see this again in Minneapolis. (AP Photo/Jim Mone)

Hell hath no fury like a mascot scorned. On Sunday, the man who patrolled Vikings sidelines for 21 years as “Ragnar” did the unthinkable — taking off his horned helmet and donning a cheesehead hat instead.

Joe Juranitch, the Minnesota resident who portrayed the furry-vested Ragnar, is no longer patrolling those sidelines, which goes a long way toward explaining his act of sports treason. The Vikings parted ways with him before the season in a contract dispute.

Juranitch attempted to clarify reports that he had asked for a massive raise, from $1,500 per game to $20,000, but there is no disputing the dagger he sank into the backs of Minnesota fans, just hours before the Vikings played the Packers with the NFC North at stake.

Here is video of the headgear-changing moment, after which Ragnar chanted, “Go, Pack, go!” The man clearly has given up any hope of getting his job back.

Not surprisingly, the Fox Sports anchor desk went to a former Vikings great, Randy Moss, for comment. After initially shaking his head at Ragnar’s act, the man who gave us the phrase “Straight cash, homey” seemed to agree that the former mascot had reason to feel bitter.

Now it is Vikings fans who likely have bitter feelings toward Juranitch. On the other hand, Packers fans could tell them all about having to see Brett Favre lead Minnesota to the 2010 NFC championship game.