Like a newborn baby, everyone expects Brian Urlacher to always be bald. He’s been like that for years, and honestly, he worked it. He’s got a nicely shaped head. But on Tuesday, he covered that famous dome with hair. From where? Urlacher said it’s his own hair that was transplanted from the back of his head to the top courtesy of a Chicago company called Restore by Katona.

Here’s a better view.

“Ta-da. I got hair,” he told WGN Morning News on Tuesday displaying his new look.

The follicles, however, aren’t that new. Urlacher said he got the procedure done in November 2014 and was able to cultivate his new hair do about four months ago. He revealed his family, kids and close friends all knew about his new look, but he disguised it publicly by wearing a hat, except for this one time when he went through a fast food drive-thru without the hat and was told, with hair, “You look like Brian Urlacher … but he looks a lot older.”

“I’m like, ‘You’re right, thank you.’ So she was basically telling me I look kind of young,” the 37-year-old said.

Although he said he was “happy to be bald,” Urlacher is ecstatic about the new possibilities his new hair offers.

“I’ve got so many things I can do now with my hair,” he said. “I put gel in it sometimes — it’s great.”

Twitter also thought the new look was great — well, great fodder. Urlacher’s former team got in on the joke as did his former Bears teammate Lance Briggs.

Others also had some jokes.

Urlacher’s not too concerned about what other people think. He said his kids said it “didn’t look bad,” which to him was good enough.

” ‘Doesn’t look bad’ is a good thing,” he said. “It looks like my hair. I believe it does, at least. … I feel good about it.”

Urlacher isn’t the first NFL star to undergo a hair transplant. In 2013, 34-year-old wide receiver Wes Welker underwent a similar procedure. Defensive end Rob Ninkovich and former NFL fullback Chris Gronkowski also had the procedure done.