Week in and week out, year after year, you can count on one thing: CBS’s Phil Simms is going to be a whipping post.

Now in many ways, being a sports commentator is a thankless task. The average drunk sitting at the end of the bar is convinced his observations are more astute and accurate, that whoever is calling the game is a bum.

So, rightly or wrongly, Jim Nantz’s partner is going to be criticized for his observations and Saturday night was the latest example. At one point, calling the first-round game between the Pittsburgh Steelers and Cincinnati Bengals, he noted that a sideline altercation between Steelers assistant Mike Munchak and Bengals safety Reggie Nelson would cool things down between the two teams.

That wasn’t the only thing that set viewers off, though.

At one point in the game, CBS’s audio went out, which brought great delight to some viewers.

Just wait: Simms and Nantz will make viewers long for Joe Buck and Troy Aikman next month when they’re calling Super Bowl 50.