Not a lot of warm feelings between these two AFC North rivals. (Gary Landers/Associated Press)

You know the old saying: If you can’t beat them, root like heck for someone else to beat them. Well, maybe the old saying doesn’t quite go like that, but that certainly was what some members of the Bengals did Sunday.

Cincinnati suffered a heart-breaking and controversial — as well as exceedingly chippy — 18-16 loss to Pittsburgh in the first round of the playoffs. So when the Steelers fell in their next game, 23-16, to the Broncos, several Bengals were only too happy to tweet out their, well, happiness.

How’s that for happy? Adam “Pacman” Jones and Vontaze Burfict, the two Bengals whose hot-headed acts in the final minute most contributed to their team’s loss, were not heard from, but perhaps they’re still processing their feelings.