(AP Photo/Julio Cortez)

In spite of a disappointing 6-10 season, the New York Giants’ biggest need might be off the field. Someone get Ben McAdoo a tailor — stat!

The New York Giants’ new coach impressed football people at his introductory press conference last week, but set off a buzz among sensitive observers for sporting an ill-fitting, oversized suit that was more David Byrne than Tom Ford. Since then, the makeover offers have been rolling in,

“We got ’em lined up, they’re ready to come in,’’ McAdoo said of prospective designers in a SiriusXM NFL Radio interview Tuesday. “I told ’em if they’re free, I’ll take three.’’

Gotta like that. McAdoo had plenty of reasons for rocking the Byrne look. For one, did we mention that he’s a football coach? The more ill-kempt the better. (See Belichick, Bill.) For another, he was pretty busy, what with the end of the football season and interviewing for other openings around the NFL. And there’s the fact that he’s dropped about 60 pounds since buying the suit.

Good for him. Still, that’s no reason to commit a fashion McAdon’t. He couldn’t have swung by Jos. A. Bank’s before the presser rather than donning a suit that celebrity stylist Phillip Bloch told the New York Daily News “you wouldn’t even want to be buried in”? Maybe dialed up ESPN’s Barry Melrose for a little advice? He is, you know, the coach of a metropolitan New York team.

“I guess I’m surprised it got that much attention,” McAdoo told ESPN’s “Mike and Mike.” “I take it as a compliment. I worked really hard over the last year to get in a little better shape, get in a little better condition. I’ll take that as a compliment.”

(AP Photo/Julio Cortez)

While he’s at it, why not start a new job with a totally new look? Maybe go in for a little grooming, although we advise stopping well shy of Cristiano Ronaldo excessively-manscaped look. That would not play well on NFL sidelines. Better just to start with new threads.

“We’re trying to sort ’em out right now,’’ he said of the offers. “You wouldn’t believe some of the messages I got.”

Oh, we would.