Late last month, Al Jazeera reported that Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning received illicit HGH shipments from an Indianapolis anti-aging clinic, having them delivered in his wife’s name so as to keep his name off the shipments. Manning sternly denied the report and blasted Al Jazeera for bringing his wife’s name into it.

And if you thought anyone in New England was going to forget that report ahead of Sunday’s AFC championship game between the Broncos and the Patriots, I have a few slightly deflated footballs to sell you.

Sons of Liberty Spirits Company, a small-batch distiller located in South Kingstown, R.I., decided to mess with Manning by sending him a care package “to enjoy on February 7th,” the date of Super Bowl 50. It was addressed to Ashley Manning, Peyton’s wife.

“Also, sorry for addressing the package to your wife, we heard that’s the best way to get something to you,” the company wrote in the included letter.

Now would be a good time for Sports Authority, which holds the naming rights to the Broncos’ stadium, to send Tom Brady some deflated footballs or something.