Open your arms and take it all in. Jan. 21 is National Hug Day and it’s a holiday teams and sports leagues from around the world think is worth a warm embrace.

The NBA seemed particularly keen to mark the day with several teams tweeting what they believe are their best hugs.

For instance, here’s Blake Griffin throwing in an extra head rub for teammate DeAndre Jordan.

Tony Parker gets a cuddle from Tim Duncan.

Nene is serious about his headlock, er, hug of John Wall.

The Warriors, meanwhile, had a different take on the day.

And the Cavaliers got in a hug and an intricate handshake in the background.

Other American teams and athletes got in on the hot hug action, too. There were football hugs.

Baseball hugs.

The Yankees celebrated the day by boasting about two hugs.

There were hockey hugs.

Olympic hugs.

Soccer hugs.

College hugs.

Tennis hugs.

Pro wrestling hugs.

There was even a golf hug, accompanied by a golf-clap high five.

And don’t be fooled by the adjective “national,” international sports teams and leagues proved Hug Day knows no borders.

And maybe the strangest take on National Hug Day of them all…