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Officer responds to noise complaints about basketball-playing kids by joining game

While replying to a 911 call for noise complaints about a group of kids playing basketball on the street, the officer decided to join the game. (Video: Gainesville Police Department)
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A police officer in Gainesville, Fla., is going viral this week for all the right reasons. While replying to a 911 dispatch noting noise complaints about a group of kids playing basketball on the street last Friday, the officer decided to play with the kids rather than yell at them.

The police officer, who the Gainesville Police Department identifies as Officer Bobby White, isn’t the best baller around, but with a little help from a lower rim, he manages to throw down a sweet dunk. More importantly, though, “We hope that [Officer White’s stye of policing] inspires other officers!” the department posted to Facebook after the video accrued 1 million views on Thursday.

“We are overwhelmed with the amount of support. Officer White WILL try for a full game coming soon!” the department continued.

The story rings somewhat familiar to that of a D.C. cop last year who joined youngsters in a dance-off — an example of community policing that had President Barack Obama tweeting about it.

A D.C. cop tried to break up a group of teens. It ended in this impressive dance-off.

By Friday morning, the Florida basketball video has been viewed more than 4 million times and the momentum continues, as do the good vibes, the police department says.

“We are proud to be able to be a positive light for law enforcement in today’s view of officers,” the department posted to Facebook late Thursday night. “Not all of us that wear the badge are perfect. Not even close. But we know there are thousands of officers around the country that are just like this. Thanks for the incredible support!”

Now, maybe it’s the kids who need to call 911 on the neighbors for being old fuddy-duddies.

(H/t: Deadspin)