There are some cops who might feel inclined to put a stop to neighborhood football games disturbing the peace. There are others who might be tempted to join in the fun. And then there are D.C. cops, who are prone to hop into the game and flat-out dominate it — apparently.

Working around the clock alongside other emergency personnel engulfed in Snowzilla, some members of the DCPD took a little break Saturday evening to join a rousing game of blizzard football in Columbia Heights. At one point, one of the officers came out of the backfield and snagged a desperate screen pass from his harried quarterback. He broke loose from there, much to the dismay of one particularly flat-footed defender.

Ouch. Bend those knees next time, my man.

This wasn’t the only documented case of the District’s police force having fun today. A police cruiser pulled over near Ben’s Chili Bowl on U St. this afternoon and proceeded to serenade pedestrians with the soundtrack from “Frozen.”

Snowstorms sure are a blast, guys.