All this and impressive dabbing skills too! (Grant Halverson/Getty Images)

Apparently there really is nothing Cam Newton can’t do on a football field. Already in possession of an unprecedented mix of throwing and running abilities, the Carolina Panthers quarterback showed off his receiving skills Sunday, before his team took on the Arizona Cardinals in the NFC championship game.

Not only that, but Newton channeled Odell Beckham Jr. while he was at it. The quarterback made like the New York Giants wide receiver, using just one hand to catch a pass thrown a bit behind him, and made it look easy.

This from a player who just authored the NFL’s first-ever season of 30-plus touchdown passes and 10 touchdown runs. Newton appears to be a lock for the Associated Press’s NFL most valuable player award, and given his team’s 15-1 regular season, it would be hard for anyone to argue against it.

Beckham, of course, didn’t exactly have his finest hour this season in a loss to against Newton’s squad. That was when his game-long battle with Panthers cornerback Josh Norman resulted in the receiver delivering a gratuitous, helmet-to-helmet hit on his nemesis, causing Beckham to get suspended for a week.

Note: Previous versions of this post mistakenly stated that the Giants-Panthers game took place in Charlotte.