Rob Gronkowski is upended by Denver Broncos cornerback Aqib Talib. (Joe Mahoney/Associated Press)

With only precious few games left in the NFL season, it’s a little late to address the issue, but, during the offseason, the league really must take a look at the problem of the slippery concrete that rings its stadiums behind the benches and in front of the first row of the stands.

New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski slipped on the concrete at Denver’s Sports Authority at Mile High and fell right on his backside.

Earlier in the season, Reggie Bush of the San Francisco 49ers slipped on the concrete at St. Louis Edward Jones Dome, tearing his medial collateral ligament and being knocked out for the season.

It can’t cost much to place rubber-backed rugs around the perimeter of the stadium. Even if there’s a danger that players could trip over seams, it seems like a prudent thing to do.

Look, the NFL is a billion-dollar enterprise and it’s often baffling where the 32 owners choose to cut corners. All too often, the decisions are at the expense of players’ health and this is another example.