Peyton Manning and his Mini Me meet the press. (Doug Pensinger/Getty Images)

Unlike Riley Curry, whose adorable antics took the NBA playoffs by storm last spring, Marshall Manning didn’t so much burst on the scene after the Denver Broncos won the AFC championship game as he quietly, and with wide eyes, took center stage.

Marshall, who will turn 5 in March, hung back behind the podium as his father, Peyton Manning, talked to the media. At one point, he wandered behind the banner behind his father, who stopped to make sure he was okay. But otherwise, he just peeked around the podium and listened.

(Justin Edmonds/Getty Images)

And if you think Marshall is cute, just wait. There’s more! His twin sister, Mosley, kept an even lower profile while sporting an orange ribbon in her hair. It was a low-key debut for both, but there’s plenty of time for them to seize headlines. The Super Bowl is in two weeks. Get ready for the Marshall and Mosley show.