(Al Bello/Getty Images)

The Cam Newton haters — you know who you are — just got more ammunition.

The Carolina Panthers quarterback, who has been the subject of letters to the editor over his touchdown celebrations and because of the swagger and abandoned glee with which he plays the game, answered his critics with a new Beats by Dre ad in which he advises:

“Just when I think I can’t go anymore, I think about those who doubted me, and I do one more rep. I do one more pull-up. And if giving a kid a football just for a smile, or dancing after a touchdown hurts other people’s feelings…then guess what? Too bad they don’t make Band-Aids for feelings.”

Playing in the background is “Watch Out” by 2 Chainz. (“You getting mad. I’m getting rich.”)

Oof. Take that, haters. And get ready to fire off more letters.