Francisco Rivera Ordóñez hails from a long line of famed Spanish bullfighters, so it’s understandable that he’d want to introduce his daughter to the family business. But given that the girl is just five months old, some are questioning Rivera Ordóñez’s wisdom after he posted a photo online showing himself fighting a bull — while holding her in one arm.

In the caption, the 42-year-old mentions how little Carmen is the fifth generation in a bullfighting family that includes his father and grandfather, both of whom did with him what is shown in the photo. To reinforce that point, Rivera Ordóñez subsequently posted another photo showing him as a child atop the shoulders of his father, who is fighting a bull, noting, “History repeats itself.”

Rivera Ordóñez’s posts come at a time when some in Spain are questioning the value of bullfighting, noting its cruelty to animals, not to mention danger to humans, especially after a summer with an unusually high number of gorings and deaths while running with bulls. The practice is banned in Catalonia, which includes Barcelona.

When Rivera Ordóñez’s daughter was born, he himself was in a hospital, recovering from having been seriously gored in the abdomen. His father, Francisco Rivera Pérez, a.k.a. “Paquirri,” was killed by a bull in 1984.