If you bring a sign to an NHL game promising puppies in exchange for a specific player scoring a goal, that player will score a goal. It’s just science at this point, because it’s happened two days in a row now.

Check out the sign that a young Ottawa fan brought to the Senators-Rangers game on Sunday night (you can see it in the YouTube preview image below): “BOBBY DAD SAID IF YOU SCORE WE GET A PUPPY!” The “BOBBY” in question is Sens winger Bobby Ryan, and of course he scored in the second period. So the Jansen family is getting a new Pomsky.

Then, on Monday, Blue Jackets winger Cam Atkinson was asked to score in exchange for a puppy by a young girl in the crowd. And so he did, three times for the hat trick and puppy.

And a puppy is on the way, according to the Wright family: