The Dallas Cowboys’ signing of Greg Hardy came under a cloud of controversy, given that the former Panthers’ defensive end sat out almost the entire previous season as his domestic-violence case wound through the court system. Hardy ended up serving a four-game suspension, and after making some unfortunate comments upon joining the Cowboys, he also made news for a heated sideline exchange with wide receiver Dez Bryant.

Hardy also had six sacks and an interception for Dallas, but a report Thursday claimed that the team, which signed him to a one-year deal, is ready to part ways with the defensive end. The reason, though, apparently has less to do with any possible anger issues on Hardy’s part, and more to do with his penchant for partying.

“The expectation from their side is that the Cowboys are not going to bring Hardy back,” said Bleacher Report’s Jason Cole. …
“The problem for the Cowboys,” Cole continued, “is that Hardy partied a lot during the season, and simply was not in great physical shape as the season wore on and on and on.
“That was part of the reason he was tardy to several meetings during the season, and part of the reason why the team felt so distracted by his presence.
“All of that said, Hardy played extremely well, and … everyone will say he was a force on the field. And that’s one of the reasons why sources close to Hardy say that he’s going to sign with somebody during free agency. It will not, however, be the Cowboys.”

So, to recap, Hardy liked to party, and that made him tardy. Of course, if that kind of behavior is a major problem in Dallas, one has to wonder about all the chatter linking the team with Johnny Manziel.

Hardy is still just 27 years old, and he had 26 sacks combined in the 2012 and 2013 seasons, so it is likely that some team will take another chance on him. However, for a player loaded with baggage, having apparently worn out his welcome in Jerry Jones’s relatively lax environment has to be viewed by many squads as yet another red flag.