Say what you want about the Dab and it’s popularity in America, the Memphis Grizzlies managed to nail the best combination of “popular dance” and “in-game entertainment” that the NBA has possibly ever seen. Thursday night, with the Milwaukee Bucks in town, the good people at FedEx Forum introduced “Dab Cam” and the results were fantastic. To be fair, it is Memphis, where the Grizzlies are known for playing tremendous music, so we know they’re never afraid to turn up.

Let’s start with the PA guy, who presents the Dab Cam as “Cam Newton” style, then says, “apologies to Peyton, chicken parm cam is still under development!” Wow. The Grizzlies are taking shots, in Tennessee, at Peyton Manning who is also playing in Super Bowl 50. Guess that Volunteers love doesn’t run statewide. That aside, let’s look at some of these attempts, in GIF form, all of which come to us courtesy of Sarah Larimer.


Kid Muscle Flex Dab


We’re not necessarily ones to make fun of children, but this kid needs some help with his dance moves. While someone is holding him upright, he’s doing his best to just imitate the screen while holding that back arm up like he’s showing off his biceps or about to throw a baseball. Also, his shirt looks more like pajamas than anything else. Come on, parents.


The Proud Lady Dab


Now this is incredible for two reasons. Most primarily she is WAY into it. No support staff, no friends, no kids. She is very out here, solo, for the dab. And manages to hit both sides during her short time on camera. Also, note the guy in the back who clearly has no idea what’s going on, but doesn’t realize that the joke’s on him. She’s holding a clutch, too. Incredible.

Embarrassed Mom Dab


This kid doesn’t care about the dab, and is effectively in basic dance cam mode, which is fine, too. But the reaction from the young woman in the white Zach Randolph shirsey in the background is the best. I think she might be more humiliated by the guy with the thundersticks who’s blocked by the Newton graphic, but nonetheless her reaction is priceless.

The Bros On The Town Dab


This is pretty embarrassing. The dude in the Marc Gasol jersey saves this squad with a least decent timing and form, but these other jokers have no idea what’s going on. It doesn’t help that they’re all in a line and can’t get their arm movements remotely coordinated. It’s a mess. They just should have let their boy handle it solo and hit him with some hype man finger points to let people know who was really dabbing. The woman who pops up at the end is hilarious, though.

The ‘Should I Be Focused On Basketball?’ Dab


Nobody’s ever going to question Tony Allen’s effort in games, but he got caught on camera quasi-dabbing and his teammates definitely gave him some friendly heat for it. Though, clearly, they were all already enjoying the promotion as their eyes were all pointed upward when the clip came on. The Grizzlies won this game by 20, so don’t worry about them getting distracted.

The Adorable Dab


Bless this little girl’s heart. She’s wearing her favorite jacket, but had no problem getting up to hit her favorite dance, all with a huge smile on her face. I imagine that this is what kids across America do every single time Cam Newton scores a touchdown and that has to just melt your heart.

The ‘I’m Too Old For This Crap’ Dab


When the kids are doing crazy things all around you and you’re just trying to catch a game with a friend after the early bird special and they put you on camera, what do you do? You wave. Well done, gents. No need to overthink this and end up as a meme.

The Best Dab, By A Mile


There is so much good that happens here. No. 1, is the Memphis Sounds throwback jersey that is quite literally the best looking one in the league this season. No. 2 is the short intro wave prior to execution of the move. Third is that he goes with not just strong dab, but executes the double head-cock dab, which is for experts only. Lastly, he starts in with the beard stroke, even though he has none. This is perfect.

Memphis, this bit is a winner.