It used to be called Media Day, held on the Tuesday before the Super Bowl; now it is “Super Bowl Opening Night,” held on Monday. Some things will never change, however, including attendees less interested in hard-hitting questions and more concerned with ratcheting up the wackiness.

In fact, some staples of Media Days past were back at SAP Center in San Jose, not far from where Super Bowl 50 will contested Sunday at Levi’s Stadium. Remember these crazy-looking puppets from a Mexican TV show?

That was before last year’s Super Bowl. On Monday, at least one of them was back, and vying for Peyton Manning’s attention.

And “Pick Boy” returned! That would be Nickelodeon personality Jeff Sutphen, who has dressed up in ersatz superhero costumes and pestered athletes for several Super Bowls in a row.

This year, Pick Boy offered Manning (hey, everybody wants a piece of that guy) a playbook, and told the quarterback the only catch was that his famous audible, “Omaha,” was being changed to “Albuquerque.” Manning took the whole episode with good humor because that’s what Manning does.

Of course, those weren’t the only zany characters in attendance at Super Bowl Opening Night. For instance, there was also a Broncos-themed leprechaun, and Austrian reporter Phillip Hajszan, who in previous years has dressed up as such national icons as Mozart and Arnold Schwarzenegger’s “Terrminator” character. This time, Hajszan showed up looking relatively demure, as an alpine skier.

In fact, there were so many folks in wacky costumes at the event that they just started ignoring the football players and lobbing questions at each other. Yup, call it “Media Day,” “Opening Night,” whatever — it’s still the NFL’s annually most-insane spectacle.